Eco3Ice is an on-demand aqueous ozone generator for commercial ice machines, simply added to the water-in line outside the machine, that allows for 24/7 protection against all bacteria and microbes, plus it drastically reduces mold and biofilm throughout the machine, including the bin and drain line. 


Our aqueous ozone generator provides bacteria-free disinfectant grade water for ice making.  We do not filter or sequester bacteria … we simply KILL IT … including bugs like legionella, e-coli, salmonella and even staph.  Moreover, we actually trap a small amount of ozone inside the cubes, which provides an antimicrobial effect in the ice itself. 


Ice is an FDA recognized FOOD product. Water is the single ingredient for this food and an ice machine is your food prep surface.  We give you the highest quality and SAFEST ice making area to ensure the SAFEST ice product for your consumers! And, it reduces the number of sanitization cleanings throughout the year AND extends the life of your machine, saving time and money. Eco3Ice is FDA and OSHA approved.


Price $449 ... Gov't & Bulk Discounts Available!


For Pricing or To Order, Contact Mike at

Bad Bugs Infographic
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"Food" for Thought!
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Eco3Ice Facts Sheet
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ENOZO's In-House Coronavirus Test Results
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Human Coronavirus Independent Efficacy Testing
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Univ. of Washington Hospital System Testimonial
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