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Enozo Expands Our Product Line with the New, Large-Scale EnozoWASH


July 2020 – (United States) – Enozo Technologies, Inc., the world leader in sustainable, portable, non-toxic, on-demand ozone cleaning and sanitizing products for health and safety, is proud to announce a new member to the Enozo line of cleaning and sanitizing products. The EnozoWASH is an industrial spray device developed by our MIT masterminds that utilizes Enozo’s patented Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT) technology to create a green and non-toxic way to clean and sanitize.


The EnozoWASH is a direct result of Enozo’s core mission – combining the power of nature with science and technology to support a greener planet, more sustainable industries and healthier populations.


EnozoWASH is a new, portable aqueous ozone generator that fits garden hoses, backpack sprayers and other tap water sources. Much like our EnozoPRO and EnozoHOME hand-held spray bottles, the EnozoWASH kills 99.9%+ of some of the most common bacteria, microbes, germs and pathogens by simply pulling a trigger to deliver ozonated water on-demand. Utilizing a rechargeable battery, EnozoWASH is rated to produce 7,500 gallons of ozonated water, sprayed directly as you command at your targeted surfaces! Testing and effectivity results available on request.


EnozoWASH is rated for 500 hours (7,500 total gal.) of ozonated water and is now available for $1,899. We use WATER as our sterilization medium, so operating costs are just occasionally recharging the unit!


“The EnozoWASH allows us to provide a revolutionary, portable on-demand sanitizer for large areas to protect places like healthcare facilities, grocery stores, schools, nursing homes, vehicles and much more,” says Wayne Lieberman, our Chief Executive Officer of Enozo Technologies, Inc.


Why Buy It?

The EnozoWASH is ideal to use on large areas and surfaces including floors, walls, outdoor spaces as well as plants and produce. Utilizing  EnozoWASH saves you from purchasing several different cleaners and sanitizers, helping your business to be not only safer, but also more economical and sustainable.


And, since EnozoWASH can be connected to many different water sources, there’s no need to purchase additional accompaniments. It requires no additional filters, so-called stabilizers or other expensive consumables. Connect the EnozoWASH to almost any water source and sanitize your large area surfaces and common areas, ambulance interiors, school desks, movie theater seating, plants, produce and much more.


Since EnozoWASH is a versatile sanitizing sprayer, it can be used as either a hand-held sprayer or incorporated into an integrated cleaning system. In addition, the EnozoWASH produces a non-toxic cleaner and sanitizer so there’s no need to evacuate a designated area before or after spraying the ozonated water produced.


For more information about EnozoWASH and other revolutionary technologies and products from Enozo, please visit www.enozo.com.


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