Our Trusted Partners

We have very selectively identified unique and impactful products that we now market and distribute for Clients.  Please take a look ... 


Our Client's Products:

Eco3Ice, by FRANKE Food Systems Int'l, creates Aqueous Ozone (O3) for sanitation and disinfection of industrial-size Ice Machines. This device easily attaches outside of the Ice Machine to it's water inlet line (no warranty issues). It operates on-demand with each machine cycle to disinfect 99.9%+ of bacteria & microbes. It also prevents build-up of biofilm and mold. Eco3Ice significantly improves Patron safety & cuts machine cleaning costs in HALF ... Pays for Itself!


SUPERSWIM Teatherd Swimming Device for FUN / Exercise / Rehab / Training in small or large pools ... U Never have to TURN AGAIN!  VERY unique tool for small Condo, Apt. or Backyard pools where doing laps is tough or impossible!!

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